Useful Links, Resources, and Tips for During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As we face the mysterious COVID-19 outbreak, communicating useful information is our greatest weapon.  Therefore, the City, working with its community and County, State, and Federal organizations has created repositories where individuals can go to see these resources grouped into major areas of interest.  We will add to and update the repositories continually.  Please feel free to copy, repost, or share them with your friends and family, especially those who do not have access to computers and the internet (and maybe help them access Comcast’s Internet Essentials program to obtain free or reduced internet access).  Visit the link above (or click on specific links below) to access many useful links and other information on Health & Safety, Government Informational Updates & News, Helping Responsers Help Us, Business & Financial Resources, Protecting Workers & Families, Educational Links & Resources, Restaurants & Food Supplies, Arts & Culture, and Recreation for Kids & Adults

Health and Safety Links and Information

This category will gather and curate links and tips that provide major and other sources of information on protecting individuals and groups, obtaining testing and treatment, and other resources as the outbreak continues. 

For a user-friendly source of information on health issues, visit 

Or phone the COVID-19 hotline number at 800-962-1253, or you can call 211, with questions or concerns or to access the State’s comprehensive information and referral service.   

Or text NJCOVID to 898-211 to receive text information and stay informed. Additionally, NJ launched a COVID-19 Information Hub,, where residents can get up-to-date information.

Call the NJ Dept. of Human Services for a toll-free “warm line”  that  is  a resource  for  people seeking mental health services.  Call (877-294-4357 for multi-language access

Government Information Updates and News
This category will contain news on status of City, State, and Federal services and programs, including basic services provided by the municipality, new regulations and policies, State and Federal announcements and declarations, and other vital public information.

For questions or the latest news on the COVID19 outbreak, visit the State’s new, user-friendly website; or dial 1-800-962-1253 for the NJ Call Center, where someone is available 24/7 to provide answers in several languages. 

You can also text NJCOVID to 898-211 to automatically receive the latest text alerts and further information.  Or visit homepage News section for the latest posts.

Helping Responders Help Us

This category will report the status of available tools and resources from Police, Office of Emergency Management, Fire, Emergency, and Healthcare Providers, including ways to receive protection information, how to help the responders help you, and what you can do as an individual or group to help you family and neighbors.

Sign Up for NIXLE to receive local emergency messages by texting your zip code to 888-777.  

Sign Up for REGISTER READY to let first responders confidentially know about special needs loved ones.  Visit   If they previously registered, please check to make sure their information is current or update it.

Business and Financial Resources

As we experience unimaginable business and financial disruption, the government and private sector are responding with reduced requirements, extensions of due dates, and assistance through many loan, grant, and other programs to help businesses and individuals protect themselves and continue operations through the coming months.

Federally-funded SBDCs are required to provide assistance to businesses to help them fill out applications and get through many hoops:

Just being approved: Federal SBA Forgivable Loan: $649 Billion for businesses and organizations of 500 or fewer employees. The funds can be used for: Payroll, Rent, Utilities, Mortgage -> All of those parts of an approved Loan will be 100% forgivable.  Note: Can apply if a Sole Proprietor. Also:  Can still use the Paycheck Protection Program AND receive this loan.  Apply here:

Just announced: small business loans and morer recently, including waived fee: and on 6/3/20 NJ Economic Developmmet Authority $10,000 Small Business Grant Program for businesses affected by COVID-19 at

Protecting Workers and Families

As unemployment rates increase dramatically, the strain on meeting even the basic needs of individuals and families also increases.  This category will provide links and referrals to programs and other resources for employees, private contractors, and all the other breadwinners who find themselves facing steep downturns in their incomes.

5-7 Update from the State of NJ regarding Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. 

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) — (for)  the self-employed, independent contractors and others who are not usually eligible for unemployment insurance benefits — will start being notified of their PUA eligibility today, and the Department will begin making payments Friday.

The Department of Labor created a new web portal that allows New Jersey residents to contact the Department of Labor directly. This is a helpful tool for residents who have questions about their applications. To submit a message, residents must go to and follow the instructions below:

To learn more about Federal CARES unemployment programs, which will be administered through NJ Dept of Labor, please visit: 

As the economy evolves, the job market evolves with it.  Workers can use Employment Mobility tools at this link to help make informed career changes decisions:

Educational Links and Resources

Life must go on for all of us, especially children, whose educational needs must be met more than ever.  Here we will present links and resources to facilitate the continuing daily studies of our children but also adults who may need to learn new ways to live during the outbreak. 

For low-cost or free internet access from Comcast, visit

Sesame Street workshop now offers over 100 ebooks for free at

Teachers report in Huff Post that has some cool videos and activities that my students love as well as 

GoNoodle ( is great for 2, 5 and 6-year-olds as well as with 8th graders. There are all different types of silly songs/games to get kids up and moving. 

High school English teachers recommend Quizizz at

Also, Generation Genius (, is an online science resource for elementary teachers and students accessible from anywhere that covers 100% of the science standards in New Jersey.

TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech, and creativity, with subtitles in 100+ languages. Ideas free to stream at

Food Supplies and Restaurants

We need food to live and the restaurant industry, which employs as large a workforce as the manufacturing sector, needs us to help them survive.  Here we will present locations that continue to provide us with interesting and comforting meals as we live our isolated lives during social distancing.  We also will post the latest information about the availability of foods and supplies and how to obtain them.

Learn how to obtain free meals and pantry items (or donate) at

 To learn about local take-out offerings and hours, visit or

Arts, Spiritual, and Cultural Links and Resources

In addition to food and water, we also need beauty in our lives.  Now more than ever we need visual art, drama, literature, music, and other works to teach us, to comfort us, to inspire us, or maybe just to distract us for a few minutes from more oppressive thoughts.  These links will entertain both children and adults.

Newark-based Audible is opening a trove of tales to help parents, children, tweens and teens while away the hours in coronavirus self-quarantine. Audible Stories, a website for free audiobooks, is now available. Stories can be streamed via laptop at

Six Museums You Can Visit Virtually

Recreation for Kids and Adults

In addition to our souls, our minds and bodies need to feel the positive stress of strenuous exercise, challenging physical and mental tests, and healthy competition and games.  These are links and resources that will challenge and guide both children and adults.

Yoga for Kids and Adults

Exercise for Kids and Adults

Free Brain Games  (this site give different links to games)