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Request for Proposals by August 26, 2019 to Develop Senior Housing in the City of Burlington, NJ

Senior Housing RFP

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Request for Proposals by August 26, 2019 to Develop Senior Housing in the City of Burlington, NJ

The Common Council of the City of Burlington (hereinafter “City”) in its capacity as the City’s Redevelopment Entity is soliciting proposals from qualified developers to finance, construct, maintain, and manage a 100% affordable senior rental development in the New Yorkshire Redevelopment Area at the intersection of Clarkson and Linden Streets in the City of Burlington. 

RFP packages can be downloaded from this website by visiting the following link: Senior Housing RFP.  Hardcopies of the RFP also can be obtained by contacting William Harris, Director of Housing & Community Development, at 609-386-0200, Ext. 130 or at

Three (3) copies of the response to this RFP may be mailed or delivered in sealed envelopes, marked “Senior Housing Proposal,” to the Department of Housing & Community Development at City Hall, 525 High Street, Burlington, NJ 08016 by 4 pm, on Monday, August 26, 2019.  At that time all proposals will be unsealed and opened in the City of Burlington Council Chambers, located at 525 High Street, Burlington, NJ, which opening shall be opened to the public.