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Street Sweeping Schedule for October, 2017

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            Street Sweeping Schedule for October 2017

Street Sweeping takes place in your neighborhood every two months depending on weather conditions and other factors. Please check this website and Facebook/City of Burlington, NJ for notification of delays. Residents are asked to move their vehicles to the even side of their street one day and the odd side of their street two days later to allow the sweeper to move through easily. The street sweeper also may come through at other times.  Below is the schedule for October 2017.

 Neighborhood     Odd-side Sweeping         Even-side Sweeping

Columbus Park,                       Oct. 11                                  Oct. 13
Lynnfield, E. Burlington                                                

Yorkshire, London                  Oct. 16                                  Oct. 18

New Yorkshire,                        Oct. 3                                    Oct. 5
New London 

Sunset Village, Farnerville    Oct. 2                                    Oct. 4

E. Farnerville, Laurel             Oct. 17                                   Oct. 19

Mehlville, Fawn Hollow        Oct. 10                                   Oct. 12