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Attention Burlington City Residents

Water/Sewer Bills Mailed April 19, 2021 due May 18, 2021

Please be advised that the City of Burlington Water Billing/Collection Office is making every effort to respond to your questions regarding your Water/Sewer Bill. 

If your bill is estimated, please call 1-888-448-0009 to schedule your appointment to have your new meter installed.

The New Water Meters are activated by light, and the reading appears on the register once you shine a bright light on the meter. 

If your New Meter has already been installed and your bill is higher than usual, it may be due to years of estimated bills.   Attached are the instructions you received in the past with every estimated bill, in an attempt for us to obtain an actual reading on the old meter. Please click here to view Previous Instructions.

For questions regarding a high water bill, please call the Tax Office at 609-386-0200, Ext 128/125.

There are several reasons for higher than normal water bills, such as increased water usage by the number of people in your property, toilet & faucet leaks, hot water heater leak, other appliance malfunction, and much more.  Please click here to see Common Causes of High Water Bills.

Payments can be made online, at City Hall using the Payment Drop Box, or by U.S. mail.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

City of Burlington Tax Collection Office


For your convenience, you may use credit and debit cards to pay taxes, fees, sewer, water, court fines, and other municipal taxes and fees.  The payment service requires an additional convenience fee that is paid to the card processor.  To look up utility bills and quarterly tax amounts due on your property, please click on the following link:   Look Up or Pay Utilities and Quarterly Taxes.