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Extended: Account Clerk Position Offered; Apply by 5 pm, May 28, 2021

Updated Account Clerk Offer 5-5-21

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Extended Until May 28:  To view and/or print this Job Offer Announcement with details on requirements and how to apply, please visit the following link:  Updated Account Clerk Offer 5-5-21.  Offer is copied below.  Interested applicants should complete an application by 5:00 PM, May 6, 2021, to:  Ken MacMillan, CFO, Director of Finance; City of Burlington, 525 High Street, Burlington, NJ  08016

                                                                         City of Burlington

                                 Department of Administration


                                                         JOB POSTING – Open to the Public


                       Account Clerk – title code 00001

                                                  Posting Date:  April 15, 2021 to April 28, 2021

                                                       Extension of Posting Date to May 6, 2021

                                                 2ndExtension of Posting Date to May 28, 2021


FULL TIME POSITION IN FINANCE DEPARTMENT – FINANCE OFFICE - Under direction performs a variety of routine, repetitive, noncomplex  clerical tasks which involve computing, classifying, verifying, and  recording numerical data and the reconciliation of accounts, records, and documents to keep sets of financial records complete; does other related duties as required. EXAMPLES OF WORK*: Examines and verifies that entries, postings, and totals are accurate and supporting documents are included.  Performs routine arithmetic calculations and tabulates by hand or with the aid of machines.  Performs varied clerical tasks involved in keeping accounts of a simple, routine, and repetitive nature.  Posts entries in cash books, journals, ledgers, and/or other records.  Prepares records of cash receipts and disbursements.  Makes extensions and calculates percentages and discounts.  Calculates deductions to be made from the pay of individuals.  Keeps a continuous record of the amount, kind, and value of merchandise, material, equipment, and stock on hand.  Checks and compares for completeness various types of documents such as vouchers, payrolls, requisitions, invoices, bills and receipts.  Examines vouchers to ensure that they have the necessary approvals and that data are arithmetically correct.  Reviews financial data to ensure correct account and appropriation are cited.  Reviews expense account for funding or budgetary limitations and refers discrepancies to higher level staff.  Posts accounting information to data transaction forms to reflect correct accounting category or code and utilization of funds in accord with specific guidelines.  Posts noncomplex disbursements, deductions, and remittances paid and due, and checks.  Records charges, overpayments, refunds, and so forth into record book.  Prepares vouchers, invoices, and assists with preparation of periodic reports.  Performs simple reconciliation of bank accounts.  May assist in collecting/compiling data for inclusion in budget requests, financial statements, and other reports.  Gives routine information in person and over the telephone. 

*NOTE: The examples of work for this title are for illustrative purposes only. A particular position using this title may not perform all duties listed in this job specification.  Conversely, all duties performed on the job may not be listed.


KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of office methods, practices, and equipment and of performing routine, repetitive, and noncomplex tasks involved in keeping financial and/or other records of a mathematical nature.  Knowledge of basic arithmetic functions.  Ability to understand, remember, and carry out oral and written directions.  Ability to perform routine/repetitive tasks, compare numerical/verbal data, and select appropriate information for forms.  Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and find averages/percentages.  Ability to apply arithmetic principles and to correct computational errors.  Ability to acquire an understanding of numerical record keeping and data gathering and other clerical procedures used in a specific establishment.  Ability to perform work requiring constant/close attention to clerical and numerical detail.  Ability to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording and information systems used by the agency, office, or related units.   

Preference to City of Burlington residents.  All employees of State and local government must reside in the State of New Jersey, unless exempted under the law.  If you need reasonable accommodations to apply due to disability please call 609-386-0200, ext. 133.


For a copy of the complete NJ Civil Service Commission job specification please go to  Year 2019 salary range $34,155.00 to $52,841.00. Interested applicants should complete an application by 5:00 PM, May 28, 2021, to: email:, or by regular mail to:  Ken MacMillan, CFO, Director of Finance; City of Burlington, 525 High Street, Burlington, NJ  08016.  Equal Opportunity Employer.

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