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Updated Schedule:  Downtown Street-Sweeping February 25 until March 12

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Updated Schedule:  Downtown Street-Sweeping February 25 until March 12

Downtown Street-Sweeping Will Begin in February and Continue for Four Weeks

For the next 4 weeks, beginning on Tuesday February 18, the Dept. of Public Works will be conducting  street-sweeping activities for the entire downtown area.

The Police Dept. will be posting NO PARKING hours for streets to be swept, and residents should be notified 48 hours in advance to move their cars to alternate locations.  

Public Works staff will be blowing, street sweeping, and leaf vacuuming the streets listed below, rain or shine  (exception is snow/ice).  Thank you for your cooperation and helping us improve the quality of life for all Burlington residents and visitors.

February 25

  •  E. Union
  •  Barclay
  •  Penn
  •  E. Pearl

 February 27

  • Stacy 
  • York
  • St. Mary
  • Tathum

March 3

  •  Washington
  •  Cherry
  •  Wood
  •  Locust

March 5

  • W. Federal 
  • Juniper

March 10

  •  E. Federal
  •  Green
  •  Jones
  •  Clarkson
  • Mechanic

March 12

  • Lawrence 
  • York
  • St. Mary
  • Linden
  • Wall
  • Belmont

William Curry, Director of Public Works

City of Burlington NJ