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New Water Filtration Rehabilitation Project to Begin in April, 2020

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City of Burlington

Water Filter Rehabilitation Project

On December 3, 2019, the City of Burlington awarded a much anticipated contract for the rehabilitation of water treatment filters in the City’s Water Plant. The $808K contract was awarded to Level – 1 Construction, Inc., from Williamstown, NJ and was financed by a low-interest loan from the NJ Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program.  On January 14, 2020, City officials met with both Level – 1 Construction and the Department of Environmental Protection to review the rehabilitation project and determine a start date, which is expected to be in early April. This project includes replacing filter media, piping, and instrumentation that will ensure that the City continues to remain in compliance with State and U.S. regulatory agencies’ requirements. Similar to changing out the filter in a refrigerator water dispenser or Brita system, the media of the four filters are being replaced so that they can continue to remove contaminants and maintain the highest water-quality standards for the City’s customers. The project will take approximately 180 days to complete, after which the new media will immediately provide better filtration and continue to be effective for at least 15 years or more, depending on utilization. For further information, please contact Burlington Water Superintendent Marc Zott at 609.386.0307.