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New Water Meters Coming to All Burlington Water Customers

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On December 3, 2019, the City of Burlington awarded a contract to National Metering Services for the replacement of all residential and commercial water meters throughout the City.   The work is scheduled to begin in February, 2020.  Property owners will receive a letter in the mail informing them that they will need to contact National Metering Services to make an appointment.  Appointments can be made online as well as by phone.  Installers will be carrying a badge for identification.

Property owners are encouraged to make an appointment as soon as they can to have their meters replaced.  You are required by ordinance to allow the City’s contractor to replace the meter in your residence or business.  Failure to reply will result in the imposition of fines and penalties, and may result in the water services being shut off.

The replacement of the water meters will provide the City’s Water Utility with more accurate readings.  Currently, there are many estimated readings, so the billings may not reflect the actual usage.  A final reading will be made on your old meter when it is replaced, and your usage will be adjusted accordingly and reflected on your next billing.  Once the new meters are installed, the City will be able to read the meters via radio signal in a short period of time.  Estimated readings will no longer be needed.  Because the meters will be able to be read in a much shorter period of time, the City would like to eventually change from semi-annual billing to quarterly billings.  This will even out the cash flow for the City as well as make it easier for the property owners to handle.  The City is excited to see this project completed and is asking for your cooperation.