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The Fire Division
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The Fire Division

The Chief of the Fire Division is known as the Municipal Fire Chief.
This Division, under the supervision of the Mayor as Public Safety
Director, performs all appropriate functions respecting the
coordination of City fire and rescue services, including:

  • Advising Administration and Council concerning Fire               Companies
  • Drafting Division budgets
  • Represents Fire Companies at public meetings
  • Consults with Public Safety Department Director
  • Review policy consequences of activities involving fire              personnel, officials, etc.
  • Coordinates activities of Assistant Chiefs, one from                                 each Company

The City of Burlington Fire Division is comprised of volunteer
fire companies located throughout the City.

Mitchell Fire Company #3
Neptune Hose Company #5
Niagara Hose Company #6 
Endeavor Emergency Squad
former Young America Company
former Endeavor Fire Company #1
former Hope Steam Fire Engine Company

The companies are governed by the Board of Engineers and a
Division Chief.

Endeavor Emergency Squad handles EMS, Heavy Rescue, and
Underwater Search And Rescue.

Specialized Units  top of page

To better serve the community, the City of Burlington Fire
Department has organized these functionally specialized units.

Homeland Security, Fire Dept. Preparedness - This unit
is responsible for establishing plans and procedures for
responding to a terrorist event. They also must review all bulletins disseminated by the United States Office of Homeland Security and
react accordingly.

Safety - This unit is responsible for the investigation of any and
all accidents involving firefighters or apparatus. This unit is charged
with enforcing firefighter accountability as well as investigating the Department’s safety concerns.

Training - This unit is concerned with maintaining a department-
wide training schedule, so that the members are equally well-
trained in case of an emergency.

Research and Development - This unit is entrusted with
evaluating any new and/or existing equipment that the Department
intends to purchase. In addition, they must examine the
effectiveness of both existing and proposed Department procedures.

Community Relations - This unit assumes responsibility for
establishing and maintaining good public relations. This duty
includes enrollment and retention of firefighters.

Chiefs, Division of Fire  




Chief of the Fire Division 

Rusty Caruso


Deputy Chief 

Matt Field


Battalion Chief

Brent Tomer


Battalion Chief

Ryan Phillips


Of History and Heroes  

Fire services have been provided in the City since New Jersey’s
oldest Fire Company*, Endeavor, began operations in 1742. The
Young America Fire Company was built in 1870’s and has been
completely restored to that period. The Mitchell, Neptune, and
Niagara also house antique fire apparatus that has been restored.
Stop in and check it out.

A special thanks to Dan Birchall, author of the succinct digest of
Burlington history for contributing the
basis of these Fire Company reports.

The most important component of any Fire Company is its trained
Firemen. The most exceptional fireman is the Volunteer. Their
dedication to the public safety comes at great personal cost,
sometimes requiring the ultimate sacrifice. Your City’s Fire
Companies are always in need of helpful, hardy individuals. Be a
leader-volunteer. If you are interested in becoming a member of
this dedicated force, go to a firehouse near you and fill out an
Application, or ask questions. There is a job out there for everyone.

The Fire Division is linked to Burlington County's centralized
emergency dispatch center, and fire emergencies may be reported
by calling 9-1-1.

The Companies 

Endeavor Fire Company #1 

19 East Union Street
Burlington NJ 08016 
TEL: 609-386-0430
FAX: 609-386-6588



Burlington's early Quaker settlers may have recalled disastrous
London fires, and constructed their buildings of brick wherever
possible, but bucket brigades were in use by 1700. In 1742, the City
received permission to form fire companies, and the bucket
brigades were gradually replaced by companies using hand-drawn
pumps, such as the Old City, Washington, and Fulton Engine
Companies. In 1795, surviving members of these early companies
played key roles in organizing the City’s first permanent fire
company, the Endeavor Fire Company #1.

New Jersey’s oldest fire company, Endeavor (now
Endeavor Emergency Co.) is also one of the oldest in
the United States, still bearing its original name. 
company maintains a continuous record of its minutes, dating from
its first meeting in 1795.

The Endeavor was originally composed entirely of men from the
Society of Friends, including John Hoskins, Jr., Daniel Smith, Jr.,
and Robert Smith, Jr. Each member was required to pay one dollar
upon joining, and to purchase a bucket bearing his name, at a cost
of eight dollars. According to local lore, the “Quaker Boys” were
also required to pass a morals test. Many prominent residents of
the City have been members of the Endeavor over the years,
including Samuel J. Gummere and members of the Woolman family.

In 1798, the Endeavor purchased their first engine at a cost of 150
pounds, and John Griscom built a home for it in front of the Friends
Meeting House on High Street. Meetings of the Company were held
in the Friends School House until 1801, then in the homes of
members until 1874, when the old Union Street market house was
purchased by the City and given to the Endeavor as a permanent
home. The clock and spire which had stood on the City’s original
town hall were placed atop the new fire house, located at 19 East
Union Street. The Endeavor’s fire bell, donated in 1871, had
formerly announced the arrival of trains at the Camden and Amboy
Railroad depot.

Endeavor Fire Company #1 has been augmented in this century by
the formation of the Ladies Auxiliary in 1929 and the Endeavor Emergency Squad in 1940.


Endeavor Emergency Squad 

19 East Union Street PO Box 1311
Burlington NJ 08016 

See the Squad Members website at

EMS Chief David Ekelburg
TEL: 609-386-8899


The Endeavor Emergency Squad is the non-profit (IRS 501(c)3
organization providing emergency medical and rescue services to
Burlington City and Burlington Township. We also extend
assistance to our neighboring communities.

The Endeavor Emergency Squad is Burlington County’s busiest
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency, and the number of
requests that we received for emergency medical and rescue
services continues to climb.

Our services include:

  • public education first aid and CPR training, and
  • event medical staffing to the Burlington communities.

All of our activities utilitze both volunteers and employees, who
proudly serve their communities every day.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

EMS are the personnel, vehicles, and equipment that respond to
aid a sick or injured individual, or group of individuals in order to
render emergency medical care and transportation to the
appropriate local hospital.

Rescue Services

Rescue Services are the personnel, vehicles and equipment that
responds in order to aid the EMS personnel in gaining access to
an ill or injured individual, or group of individuals. Examples of
these services include using our “Jaws of Life” to free a patient
trapped inside of a car involved in an accident, or using our Dive
Rescue (SCUBA) Team to locate and retrieve a patient who has
gone missing in a lake or river.


The Endeavor Emergency Squad staff all of our ambulances with
at least two certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).
These EMTs have successfully completed a 110+ hour training
program designed by the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration, that provides them with the knowledge to treat
and stabilize life-threatening injuries, so that the patient can be
transported to an appropriate medical facility.


The Endeavor Emergency Squad is always looking for volunteers.
Anyone who is at least sixteen years old is welcome to apply as a
volunteer. We provide all of the necessary training. If you are
interested, please contact us at TEL. 609-386-8899 for a complete
list of membership requirements.


Our primary source of funding is from the fees charged our patients (typically, to their health insurance) for providing them with medical
care and transportation by ambulance. However, this fee for service
provides less than 65 percent of our annual operating costs. The
remaining 35 percent comes from other sources, such as
governmental grants and allocations, and corporate and private

Equipment roster of the Endeavor Emergency Squad

  • 2001 AEV Trauma Hawk emergency vehicle
  • 1998 Emergency One emergency vehicle
  • 2001 AEV Trauma Hawk emergency vehicle
  • 1998 Emergency One emergency vehicle
  • 1989 Pierce Rescue/Light truck
  • 2009 Ford Expedition Chief's Truck


Mitchell Fire Company #3 

Federal and Mitchell Streets PO Box 668
Burlington NJ 08016


In 1870s Burlington, Federal Street was home to many shoemakers
and shoe factories. Feeling the need for fire protection, they
accepted a hose carriage as a gift from the Young America Fire
Company, and housed it in a blacksmith’s shop, but did not
organize an official fire company. In 1874, though, a fire struck the
home and shop of a grocer, and though the shoemakers brought
their hose carriage into action, the City's water system pressure was
not sufficient to extinguish the flames.

The shoemakers decided that an organized fire company would
be in their best interest, and formed the Mitchell Fire Company.
Initially, the “Shoemaker’s Company”, as it was called, had only
hand-pumped Franklin engines, but steam-powered LaFrance
pumping engines were later brought into service. Mitchell’s original firehouse, built in 1875 and used for more than 100 years, still
stands at the corner of Lawrence and Federal Streets, but the
company is now located in more modern quarters at Mitchell and
Federal Streets.

The Mitchell Ladies Auxiliary, founded in 1923 with a
membership of 15, is the oldest auxiliary in the City. During the
floods of 1955, the auxiliary provided food and beverages to all
the City's firemen for four consecutive days and nights, earning a commendation from the Red Cross.

The Mitchell company currently operates:

  • 1500 GPM - 1986 Pierce pumper
  • 2000 GPM - 2000 Pierce 85' Tower Ladder truck
  • 2006 Ford/Marion Cascade unit


Neptune Hose Company #5 

Bordentown Road PO Box 283
Burlington NJ 08016
TEL: 609-386-0435
FAX: 609-386-1776


Neptune Hose Company #5 was organized on September 23,
1907, with a two-wheel hand-drawn hose carriage. Andrew H.
McNeal, owner of the McNeal foundry in East Burlington (now
known as U.S. Pipe) felt the need for fire protection at the East end
of town. He donated land for the Company’s first building, “for the
purpose of giving East Burlington its first defense from fire”
, and
many of the Company’s first members were employees of his

In 1916, the Company purchased a 1-ton Ford Model T truck for
$599, which was made into a hose wagon. In 1929, the Company’s
metal alarm gong was replaced with a siren- the second siren in the
City. Three years later, City Council purchased a 1932 American La
France pumper for the Company, equipped with a “fire foam
system.” Fifteen years later, a 1947 Ward La France pumper was
purchased by the Council.

On February 4, 1970, the Company took delivery of a Ward La
France 1500 GPM pumper with an automatic foam system. The
largest-capacity pumper in the County at that time, the new pumper
was nicknamed “Super Pumper.”

The Company's new fire house, built 1979, houses:

  • 1750 GPM 1990 Emergency One pumper
  • 1500 GPM 1970 Ward LaFrance pumper
  • 1000 GPM 1949 Mack pumper
  • 2006 Ford/Marion Support unit

Niagara Hose Company #6 

High Street and US Hwy. Rte. 130
Burlington NJ 08016


Niagara Hose Company #6 was incorporated in 1913, the evolution
of a group known as the “Sprinklers.” A plot of land at High and
Dewey Streets was donated, and a house was built. The company
acquired its first motorized apparatus in 1916, and served through
three wars.

In 1962, the Company was required to relocate a short distance
down High Street, to make way for highway construction. The
move was accomplished smoothly, with groundbreaking taking place
for the current firehouse while plans for the highway were still being

The company presently owns:

  • 1250 GPM 1996 Seagrave pumper
  • 750 GPM 1950 Mack pumper
  • 2006 Ford/Marion Rescue unit
  • Rescue Boat 14'


former Young America Fire House 

21 E. Broad Street
Burlington NJ 08016
TEL: 609-386-0432


The Young America Hook and Ladder Company was organized
in 1857, and bought its first truck for $75.00. Originally housed on
East Pearl Street, the company merged in 1869 with the Franklin
Fire Engine Company #3, which had been organized in 1852. The
new company took the name Young America Fire Company #3, and
in 1870 built and occupied its present firehouse at 21 East Broad

In 1879, Young America purchased the bell, formerly hung in the
belfry of St. Ann’s Church in Brooklyn, which warned of the British
fleet’s approach in New York harbor during the Revolutionary War. Removed from the bell tower of the firehouse in 1956 for safety
reasons, the bell now stands on the grounds of the Fire Engineers'
office at High and Belmont Streets.

The firehouse was renovated and modernized since, to house more
advanced equipment.

Now, the company has merged with Mitchell Co. #3. Intended use
for the picturesque firehouse includes a Museum, plus meeting
facilities for the Board of Fire Engineers, and Fire Association
exempt meetings.


operating under same name




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