Land Use Board


(joint board comprising former Zoning Board and Planning Board members)

Housing & Community Development Dept.
Claudine Conaway, Chairperson

UPCOMING BOARD MEETING:    April 28th meeting is canceled 

Next scheduled meeting May 26, 2021

AGENDA - Agenda 

APPLICATION(S) - Application -


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K. Wendell Bibbs


Remington, Vernick, & Arango
The Presidential Center
Lincoln Bldg, Ste. 600
101 Rt. 130, Cinnaminson, NJ

856-303-1245 / 303-9330 (fax)

City Hall Municipal Offices
525 High Street
Burlington NJ 08016

Land Use Board Secretary
Tu. 3 pm–5 pm & Th  9 am-11 am
Please try to call or email to schedule Office visits.

MAP: City Hall Location
TEL: 609-386-0200 ext. 147
FAX: 609-386-0214


Construction Division

Landlord Registration Division

Code Enforcement Division

Historic Preservation Commission


2021 Land Use Board Schedule
2021 Land Use Screening Board Schedule
 - Sections 1-4 required
1. Land Use Board Application
2. Section A Completeness Checklist-
Print Applicable Checklist(s)

3. Section B Escrow and Application Fee

4. Section C Certifications 

Information Packet- Please Review


Land Use Ordinances 

City Zoning Map

2010 Master Plan

Burlington Redevelopment Areas

Burlington Historic District Map

Housing Element and Fair Share Plan

The Land Use Board, under the auspices of the
Housing & Community Development Dept.
performs all appropriate functions with respect to
City planning and zoning, including:

  • Determine property use suitability with
            regard to City Plan
  • Maintain Zoning Map and data by parcel
            and subdivision
  • Provide zoning information on specific lots, 
            parcels or subdivisions
  • Pre-screen requests for Applications through
            Screening Committee
  • Review Applications for conformance with,
            or variance from, City Ordinance
  • Consider Applications for positive and
             negative criteria
  • Determine impact on neighborhoods
  • Pass on or reject Applications


Land Use Board (formerly Zoning) generally meets:
4th Wednesday every month starting 7 pm
City Hall 525 High Street
Burlington NJ 08016

Land Use Board Application Forms
Requirements & Instructions for Applications
City Zoning Ordinance 

City Zoning Map

1. Land Use Board Application

2. Section A Completeness Checklist- Print Applicable

3. Section B Escrow and Application Fee - Section B
Escrow and Application Fee - 

4. Section C Certifications

Land Use Board




Claudine Conaway


Class IV Member 

Samuel D. Richter


Class IV Member 

Barry Conaway


Class I Member 

Matthew Mercuri

Mayor’s Rep.

Class I Member

Helen F. Hatala, Councilwoman

Council Rep.

Class III Member 

David H. Ballard

City Official

Class II Member 

Charles Johnston


Class IV Member 

Victor B. Carnivale


Class IV Member 

David P. Tishler


Class IV Member

Raymond Schobert


Class IV Member 

Ernest Turner

Alternate #1

Class IV Member 

Eli Eytan 

Alternate #2

Class IV Member 

Matthew B. Wieliczko, Esq.


120 Haddontowne Court
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
856-428-6314 (fax)


K. Wendell Bibbs


Remington & Vernick
The Presidential Center
Lincoln Bldg, Ste. 600
101 Rt. 130
Cinnaminson, NJ
856-303-1245 / 303-9330 (fax)

Ed Fox


Environmental Resolutions, Inc
815 East Gate Drive, Suite 103
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Nikisha Scott

Secretary to the Board

City Hall 525 High Street
Burlington NJ 08016
386-0200 ext. 147


Division Directory

Title                     Title                                      Telephone/Email



Nikisha Scott

    Secretary to the Board

 City Hall 525 High St. 
 Burlington NJ 08016
 386-0200 ext. 147       

Office Hours:
Tue. 3p to 5 pm
Thur. 9a-11a



Application Stages

Applications may, at various stages, take the form of:

  • Informal Review
  • Sketch Plan Review
  • Minor Subdivision
  • Site Plan Review Waiver
  • Preliminary Subdivision Review
  • Preliminary / Final Subdivision Review
  • Final Site Plan Review
  • Change of Use
  • Variances


In determining whether a certain use of a
particular property is in accordance with the City
Plan, many factors may come into consideration,

  • setback from property lines
  • provision for adequate parking
  • impact on traffic patterns both foot and
  • trash receptacle placement, pickup/dropoff
            areas, etc.

Features also come under the scrutiny of other
City Departments and Divisions, such as:

  • Fire Prevention
  • Code Enforcement
  • Health

The data reviewed can be complex. City Ordinance
bears the ultimate authority. We work hard to
encourage courtesy in all exchanges with

To further pursue a change

City residents are encouraged to put their ideas for
change into action through participation in
government via attendance of City Council
Meetings, first and third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm

City Hall
525 High Street
Burlington NJ 08016

All interested individuals are invited to attend and
comment. Anyone in need of special
accommodations or access due to disability,
should contact the Municipal Clerk's Office, at
609-386-0200 ext. 101, prior to the meeting.

Screening Committee

You may be asked to appear before the Screening
or Advisory Committee, comprised of Land Use
Chairperson, Board Secretary, and Municipal
Engineer. Screening Committee Meetings are held
on the first Wednesday of each month at the Keegan
Center and generally commence at 3:15 pm.

Screening Committee is an informal process of the
Land Use Board to assist the public in their land
and property development Application. Screening
helps ensure requests are properly characterized
and complete with regard to requirements. Those
parties wishing to have an Application reviewed by
the Committee must submit a screening applicationr
including as much information as possible. The
proposal should include:

  • the exact location (which includes block and lot)
  • a survey (if building is proposed)
  • The Committee reviews such information as:
            -adequate parking
            -days/hours of operation
            -environmental issues
            -number of employees
            -drainage, etc.

The application should also include a contact person’s
name and daytime telephone number. The letter
should be forwarded to:

Board Secretary Nikisha Scott
City Hall Municipal Offices
525 High Street
Burlington NJ 08016

After submission of the letter with sufficient
notice, the Secretary will call the contact person
and inform them of an approximate time to

Land Use Board (formerly Planning & Zoning) Scheduling

To be considered for Land Use Board Meeting
agenda, you will be asked to submit completed
Application two (2) weeks in advance. This gives
the Municipal Engineer sufficient opportunity to
review the data. All Applications for
consideration by the Land Use Board are
available for public inspection at City Hall a
minimum of ten (10) days before each meeting.

For instructions and application forms, please
visit the following links:

1. Land Use Board Application
2. Section A Completeness Checklist- Print Applicable Checklist(s)
3. Section B Escrow and Application Fee - Section B Escrow and Application Fee - 

4. Section C Certifications

Land Use Board Minutes

Please click on the following highlighted links to
view past meeting minutes.

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