Housing & Community Development

Housing & Community Development





Housing & Community Development Dept.
William Harris, Director


City Hall Municipal Offices
525 High Street
Burlington NJ 08016

M–F 9am–5pm

TEL: 609-386-0200 ext. 130 
FAX: 609-386-0214


Construction Division

Land Use Division

Landlord Registration Division
Code Enforcement Division

Historic Preservation Commission


Construction Division
Land Use Division
Landlord Registration Division
Code Enforcement Division
Historic Preservation Commission
Housing Programs/Authorities

The Director of the Department of Housing & Community Development manages and oversees the Divisions listed above, plus supervises municipal activities in this arena. The Department, under the supervision of the Mayor and Administrator, performs all appropriate functions respecting placement and structure of businesses and residences for the common good, including:

  • Monitor Division Budgets and Expenditures
  • Check Funding Regulations
  • Draft and Review Grant Applications
  • Complete and File Progress and related Annual Reports as required by local, state, county and federal agencies

In order to accomplish our objectives, The Department of Housing & Community Development delegates work among our very capable Divisions.

The Department of Housing & Community Development Department Divisional Staff:

William HarrisDirector. Housing & Community Development Dept.
Ross Kownatsky,
 Construction Official, Construction Division
Chancellor VanSciver, Chair, Historic Preservation Commission
Ross Kownatsky, Supervisor, Landlord Registration
Ross Kownatsky, Chief, Code Enforcement Inspection Division
Claudine Conaway, Chair, Land Use Board (formerly Zoning)

 Programs & Materials 

as needed for projects, grants and programs

Affordable Housing
NJ Dept. of Community Affairs
Burlington Housing Authority
CHPP Free Tool Library (see below)
Economic Redevelopment: The Burlington County River Route
Homeowner's Insurance Evaluation Tools

Home Repair Loans & Grants (Flyer)
Low-Income/Senior Home Repair Loans/Grants

Informational Brochures
Applications, Instructions and Directions
Public Information at Hearings and Meetings
Acquire Copies of Information from Municipal Clerk

City Zoning Ordinance 

City Zoning Map

2010 Master Plan

Burlington Redevelopment Areas

Burlington Historic District Map

Please don’t ask us to... 

While we do many things for the residents, we CANNOT do the following, for regulatory, ethical or liability reasons:

File applications for applicants
Pay application fees for applicants
Recommend specific Contractors or Professionals for services
Complete, alter or draw / redraw plans /drawings
Make Elevation Certifications

CHPP Free Tool Library

For do-it-yourself citizens, we offer the CHPP Free Tool Library– a limited home repair tool inventory is available. Includes a variety of hand tools, but no ladders or power equipment. For more information call the Housing & Community Development Office M–F 9am–5pm TEL: 609-386-0200 ext. 133.

Improving Our Service

Improved service occurs when you remember to:

Apply for Prior Approvals BEFORE Construction Permit Application
Apply with 20-day construction project lead time to allow for Permit processing

For copies of reports and proceedings, call the Municipal Clerk M–F 9am–5pm TEL: 609-386-0200 ext. 101
To view filings of Municipal reports, see NJ State Dept. of Community Affairs
( http://www.state.nj.us/dca/ )

Basic Fees [subject to change]

Housing Code Inspections


Housing Code Re-Inspections



Certificates of Occupancy



Landlord Registration



Building Permit Fees


In accordance with Uniform Construction Code




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