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Some Typical Complaints
Landlord Registration

The Code Enforcement or Nuisance Inspection Division, under the auspices of the Housing & Community Development Dept. performs all appropriate functions regarding the investigation, identification, and verification of unsafe, unseemly, and unsightly conditions, which, if left unchecked, could threaten the public health and well-being. The purpose of this ordinance is to ensure that:

  • Properties are properly maintained
  • Property owners, landlords and tenants comply with all City Codes
  • Protect the lives, health and property of all City residents.

Some Typical Complaints 

You may call the Nuisance Inspection Division M–F 9 am – 5 pm TEL: 609-386-0200, ext. 149 (609-864-2327 after-hours) to confidentially report instances of:

  • unapproved or illegal apartments
  • yards or properties in disrepair
  • boarded up buildings
  • overgrown or weed lots
  • persistent bad odors
  • presence of vagrants or squatters
  • rats or other vermin or pests
  • or other annoyances

Callers will remain anonymous.


Our office is currently manned by a staff of the Chief Code Enforcement Officer and a  part-time Code Enforcement Officer under the direction of the Construction Official and supported by many other departments with regard to record-keeping and notices.




Chief of Code Enforcement 

Ross Kownatsky

609-386-0200 ext. 149

Housing Inspector

Anthony Griffin

609-386-0200 ext. 146

Landlord Registration Program

All Landlords in the City of Burlington are required by this program to obtain a license to operate residential rental unit(s). This involves completing a registration form and paying the appropriate fees. The Municipal Clerk’s office will receipt the fees, file the registration forms, and notify our office of the application. Our office will schedule and complete the required inspections and issue the licenses and Certificate of Occupancy.

As of June 9, 2016, all applications shall be completed and all fees shall be paid PRIOR to receiving your inspection.  Unfortunately, we cannot perform any inspection unless these fees are paid and current.  In addition, with a successful inspection, our staff will have Certificate on hand during the inspection.  If no representative will be available at the time of inspection, please let us know your preference in receiving your Certificate either by mail or pick-up.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ross A. Kownatsky, Sr., Chief Code Enforcement Officer

Useful Forms

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Inspection Checklist

Vacant Property Registration

Inspection Request On-line

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