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Finance Department
Lynette P. Miller 
Certified Tax Collector



City Hall Municipal Offices
525 High Street
Burlington NJ 08016

M–F 9am–5pm

TEL: 609-386-0200 ext. 125
FAX: 609-386-5110

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Taxes are collected under the auspices of the Finance Dept..  This division is led by Certified Tax Collector Lynette P. Miller.

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Tax Collector

Lynette P. Miller

609-386-0200 ext. 125

Tax Info

Claudette Keller

609-386-0200 ext. 126

Tax Info

Cindy Sexton

609-386-0200 ext. 128

What the Tax Collector Does  
The tax collection Office of the Revenue Division of the Department of Finance is known as the Tax Collector. This office under the supervision of the Revenue Division performs all required functions respecting collections, including:
  • Billing and collection of all property taxes
  • Billing and collection of all water / sewer accounts
  • Maintains all records of billings and collections
  • Accounting for all veteran and senior citizen deductions
  • Records results of tax appeals, tax liens and general assessments
  • Undertakes the Annual Tax Sale

According to NJSA40:69A-149.15 “The municipal Tax Collector shall...

...receive and collect all moneys assessed or raised by taxation or assessment
...enter in records the sums received and the account credited
...deposit such moneys in the authorized public depository of the municipality to the council at least once each month all receipts and deposits and cash on hand belonging to the municipality
...list all delinquent taxpayers for the preceding year...”

Local, County and School Tax Collections in New Jersey 

In New Jersey, the local municipality is the conduit for billing and collecting taxes due for School and County taxes. The City of Burlington tax bill therefore includes amounts due for:

  • County Tax (general)
  • County Library Tax
  • County Open Space Tax
  • Local School District Tax
  • Local Purpose Tax

Only the Local Purpose Tax is kept by the City of Burlington for operational expenses. Local Purpose Taxes are used for the following services: Police, Fire, Trash Collection, Road Repair, Street Lighting, Aid to the City Library, Administration, Aid to Emergency Squad, Debt Service, and Some Capital Improvements.

State law requires each municipality to pay 100% of the County and School taxes due on a quarterly basis. The City makes up any shortfall in collections, which is then figured into the next year’s Municipal Budget.

Property Tax Bills 

Property taxes are due four times a year, due:

Feb. 1st
May 1st
Aug. 1st
Nov. 1st

Tax bills are usually mailed in July. Duplicate Tax Bills are available and cost $5.

Property Tax Relief

Property tax relief may be available for eligible individuals. To learn about the NJ Division of Taxation's Property Tax Relief Program, please visit the following link:  NJ Property Tax Relief Program.

Property Tax Payments 

Tax payments may be made in either of three ways:

  • in person 9am–5pm M–F at City Hall
  • or by U.S. Mail to:
    City of Burlington Tax Collector
    City Hall Municipal Offices
    525 High Street Burlington NJ 08016
  • on-line at Pay On-line

For a receipt, payments by mail should include the ENTIRE Tax Bill with a self-addressed, stamped return envelope. Otherwise, detach the appropriate stub and mail with your check, and your cancelled check will be your receipt.

Tax Delinquencies

Any tax unpaid on quarterly due dates (Feb. 1st, May 1st, Aug. 1st, Nov. 1st) is subject to interest at the rate of 8% per annum (8% APR) up to $1,500, and 18% per annum (18% APR) over $1,500. There is a grace period of ten days. Interest will compute back to the 1st of the month if unpaid by the 10th.



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